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JR 梅小路京都西駅より徒歩 5分


市営バス バス停七条千本より徒歩 2分

The nearest bus stop, Nanajo-senbon is located just within 1 minute walking distance from Hostel Ayame. From here you can take buses which go around Kyoto city every 5 minutes.


These buses take you to Kinkaku temple and Kitano-tenmangu without any transfers. From the bus stop Umekoji Koen Mae which is 3 minutes walk from Hostel Ayame, you can take buses for Kiyomizu temple and Gion.


From the nearest train station, JR Umekoji Kyoto-nishi staton which is an 4 minute walk from Hostel Ayame, you can take the train for Arashiyama and get there about 10 minutes.


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